Saturday, July 29, 2017

My only genetic cousin

His official name is Hugh Courtenay, and he's an Englishman, but I've never met him. His sister's married name is Nicola Smith, and I'm sad to see that I've lost her email address. They descend from my crazy great-grandfather William Jones Skyvington [1868-1959], who was still alive in East London at the time I was starting my existence as a computer programmer in Sydney. Unfortunately, my grandfather Ernest William Skyvington [1891-1985] never knew that his father had survived the Second World War in England, and gone on to create a family with the silly borrowed name of "Courtenay". This story is explained at length in my book They Sought the Last of Lands, available through Amazon.

It's quite possible that Hugh has nothing in common with me... although that would surprise me greatly. I hope he decides to step across to Choranche with his sister, for a family encounter. I can't invite them to stay at my house, which is too small. But there are several fine hotels in the vicinity. Above all, the Castel Fleuri at Saint-Jean-en-Royans (Drôme).

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