Thursday, November 22, 2007

Antipodes curtain

Today's a funny anniversary. Christine and I were divorced exactly thirty years ago. From a numerical viewpoint, it's a striking date: 22-11-77. These numbers have always remained in my memory. Besides, I use them as a password on my attaché case.

I've been writing this Antipodes blog for exactly a year. Statistics: some 530 articles. That's a big collection of articles, of which I'm proud. But I'm not convinced that this blog has much sense, since it has remained a unilateral affair, giving rise to negligible explicit feedback. At the outset, I had imagined my Antipodes blog as an ideal communications vector with relatives and friends in my native Australia, but the truth of the matter is that not a single comment has ever emanated from this category of readers. Today, I'm aware that quite a few people would appear to be reading my blog every day, but I have no idea who they are, since they've never manifested themselves. So, we can't really speak of communication. And I think it's time to draw the curtain on this initial Antipodes affair.

If any future evolution in my plans were to occur, I would mention it here. Meanwhile, thanks for reading me...


  1. "And I think it's time to draw the curtain on this initial Antipodes affair."

    I hope you will still continue to write some articles - I enjoy reading your blog every day (or at least 3-4 times a week)!

    Me too, I started my blog one year ago (October 23rd, 2006). It was supposed to be a support enabling me to exchange point of views with friends. Hardly 2 or 3 of them leave a comment every now and then...

  2. world of bloggers can be cruel. u put a lot of efforts there and you often don't get a thing in return. I guess that if you aimed to communicate, the experience with the blog must have been frustrating..
    But, if u consider your blog to be a sort of journal and a mean to express things, it's great, even if sometimes you have the impression you are talking alone..

  3. Hello William,

    I would be extremely disappointed if you didn't continue your blog. Please don't stop. I especially like it when you mention Grafton and the Clarence for all around the world to see. You touch on such a huge variety of subjects and I usually love your interpretation of most things [especially the recent Oz political scene] Some of us feel like we might be being a bit too pesky to comment all the time ... but we sure are reading it!! [Pardon the plural ... but I'm sure I am not alone.

    Georgie ..Woolgoolga

  4. I get tons of readers on my blogs and practically no comments. So don't stop writing! I too enjoy reading your blog, and long for the days when I was living in France, my true "spiritual home." Don't give up! You can put up site statistic readers which will tell you which town and country your readers are coming from, and you will probably be amazed. I was. Yours, Catherine Todd