Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Risk of confusion

In the French-language Gala page [display] where I found this excellent juxtaposition of two superb specimens of Sarkozy-type women, there are other fascinating pairs of photos. For presidential birdwatchers, it's great visual data.

I'm surely not by far the only male who has been in an embarrassing situation where an innocent phrase such as "Tell me, Marie" has slipped out inadvertently while conversing intimately with a friend named Maude who happens to have replaced, as it were, a former friend named Marie. On such occasions, those who are skilled in feigning some kind of momentary schizophrenic fit might do well to give it a go, but most fellows have to be content with turning red and mumbling something stupid such as "I really don't have a brain for names". The worst situation of all is when your former dear one used to have a private nickname—such as Cinderella or Goldilocks, for example—and your new friend suddenly inherits unwittingly this tender title.

The Sarkozy style of handling French affairs is such that he functions permanently in a demanding high-power operational mode that computer specialists refer to as multiprocessing... which means doing several things simultaneously. It's a pity that the poor guy, no doubt constantly exhausted from a physical viewpoint, now has this added burden of having to devote precious energy [which could certainly be better spent] to avoiding the terrible trap of mixing up his women.


  1. It happened to me only once that my guy called me with the name of her ex. It was at the start of our story. But, thinking about it later on, it was sooo painful. And sometimes, when he calls me with nicknames, I wonder if he has already done it in the past and I feel jealous of memories even knowing it's stupid..

  2. I imagine that few sane individuals would encourage consciously and intentionally the presence of a partner whose primary merit consists of evoking a previous partner. But I'm convinced that a male can be excited by a contact with Maude, unconsciously, for the simple reason that she evokes Marie. It's perfectly possible, at least for a male (and no doubt for a female too), to make love with Maude while imagining vaguely that she might be Marie. I insist upon the adverb "vaguely". It's never a matter of attempting to perform some kind of replacement trick, like a stage magician, where Maude would suddenly disappear and Marie would take her place. It's infinitely more subtle than that. And it's not even as if Maude were to be considered as a rubber doll, labeled "Marie". On the contrary, Maude is truly a remarkable and unique creature, in every sense... but above all in the sense that she has the gift of recreating the presence of Marie.