Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pigs' revenge

The Hebrew Bible stipulated that, for unexplained reasons, one could eat beef and lamb, but not pork. Then Matthew the Evangelist overturned the tables by claiming that what you put into your mouth was of little importance compared with what might come out of that same organ... in the way of words. So, epicurean Christians got stuck into pork.

Talking of pigs, the talented cartoonist Pierre Ballouhey [website] has kindly authorized me to reproduce one of his delightful drawings on the theme of the eternal distress of pigs.

Today, the world awaits a planetary affliction initiated by beasts that behave piggishly in the sense that they don't cover their snouts when they cough. It would be weirdly funny, in a tragic way, if a latter-day plague called Mexican Pïgs' Death were to destroy Humanity. I have the feeling that pigs are at last seeking their revenge for all those centuries of ham, chops, etc.

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