Thursday, June 25, 2009

Amusing link to Antipodes

I've just been told of an amusing link that can take you to the Antipodes blog by way of Richard Branson, the French photographer Stéphane Gautronneau and Stéphane's girlfriend. Click Stéphane's portrait to go there.

Incidentally, there's a woman who's not at all happy to find her photo on the web in this Wondertrash context. I'll let you guess who it is, but here's a hint: It's not the naked wench on Sir Richard's back.


  1. Sorry if the picture posting caused any upset - but hope you got some good traffic out of it.

  2. No upset, so nothing to be sorry for. On the contrary, it was an elegant gesture on your part to indicate explicitly the address of the place where you found Stéphane's photo. It appears that this series of photo has had world-wide success. When I took the shot of Stéphane with my son François and my ex-wife on a Paris sidewalk, I was unaware that there are hardly any portraits of Stéphane on the web. Incidentally, my son has often worked with Stéphane on lighting.