Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obliged to change my ISP

In spite of phone calls, emails and even a registered letter, the Free company doesn't appear to be doing anything to repair my Internet connection. This is an unexpected situation. So, I'm left with no other alternative but to change my ISP (Internet service provider). This afternoon, I drove to Grenoble to obtain details concerning the offer from the state-owned Orange organization. I was amazed to learn that they are proposing not only very fast Internet and free phone, but also satellite TV. Maybe this explains why Free has given up trying to compete with Orange in a rural region such as Choranche. Weird...


  1. I'm not surprised you have had trouble with Free; I have had problems with them too.

    I daresay I shall change before very long!

  2. Yes, Paul, Free has behaved strangely with me over the last three weeks, since my Internet and phone went down. They've made no attempt whatsoever to fix my problem, nor even reassure me that they're working on it. I've had the impression that they don't really want to keep me as a customer. So, yesterday, I sent them a registered letter asking that my contract be canceled immediately.

    In this kind of situation, I'm wondering whether Free might be changing their strategy concerning customers such as me (in rural zones that have been classified as "not-ungrouped"), or maybe some more serious problem of a financial kind. It's simply amazing that they allow a breakdown such as mine to persist for three weeks.