Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Undesirable comments

When a blogger allows anybody and everybody to leave comments, it's inevitably an open invitation to spammers and other polluters to send in their rubbish. For a couple of months now, I've been obliged to intervene regularly to trash Japanese comments that point to a porn website. Two other topics attract comments from fuckwits: creationism and hang-gliding history. Reluctantly, I've been obliged to make the Antipodes comments process a little more watertight.

Talking about undesirable comments, I've just received a friendly but naive comment to an article I wrote in September 2006 about my former friend Jean Sendy (who died in 1978). Interested readers can use Google to discover that Jean Sendy's work has been plagiarized for years by a notorious nitwit whose name I will refrain from stating here. In any case, I don't intend to reply to the above-mentioned comment. As Jacques Chirac once advised a fellow-politician: "Never mention explicitly the name of an opponent, to avoid giving him publicity."


  1. Hang-gliding history? I have been thumping creationists regularly in by blog without any response - so I think I will leave hang-gliding alone - just in case.

  2. Yes, the hang-gliding thing is a complicated affair. I've often talked about a brilliant fellow named John Dickenson who built and successfully tested the world's first hang-glider in my native town of Grafton. Well, there's a lobby of revisionists who have been trying to spread the idea that Dickenson was not the true inventor...

  3. Nice blog. I've just started my own and was looking around to see what other writers were doing. Coincidentally, I just posted a piece on intelligent design today, though I doubt the rabble rousers will find it. If they do, I think I will be impressed. Sounds like you live a lovely life. I'm jealous!