Friday, September 10, 2010

Insanely determined candidate

The following video shows a Republican guy named Phil Davidson making his candidate's speech for the county treasurer's job:‬

It would be fabulous if this emotional fellow were to be the partner of ‪Sylvester Stallone‬ in an umpteenth Rocky film.

The basic gist of the scenario is obvious. In the wake of the Balboa affair, the heroic pugilist is invited to take on a nice well-paid regular job as the treasurer of‪ Stark County, Ohio‬. Everything's fine… up until the arrival on the scene of this crazy ‪Davidson‬ opponent, who's determined to steal Rocky's job. Naturally, the whole business ends up getting settled in the ring. I'll need a bit of time to figure out the precise elements of the plot. Possible title: Rocky Brain-Damaged.

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