Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shit will fly in France

One has the impression that shit is about to fly in France because of a pharmaceutical product with a nice reassuring name, Mediator… which evokes the wise gentleman who steps in between citizens and the state in the case of conflicts.

Over the last three or so decades, this product appears to have stepped into the lives and deaths of many individuals in France, where it has been used among overweight individuals—up until last year—as a device to cut the craving for food. Unfortunately, this product has turned out to have certain mortal effects… which are explained at length, technically, on the web. Apparently the product was banned in France much later than elsewhere. So, we can be sure that shit will soon start to fly in the arena of justice. Sadly, shit has already flown, with mortal consequences, for some 500 French victims. Affair to be followed…

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