Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bring out your raped!

Last night, on France's national TV news, Kenneth Thompson, the US lawyer representing Nafissatou Diallo, launched an appeal for facts about sexual events involving Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

This pathetic call for help—from a Black American who seemed to be communicating with the planet Mars—reminded me of a notorious Monty Python sketch.

If Thompson cries out long enough, maybe he'll entice a few morbid bidders. But they'll have a tough job faced with a trio such as this:

The alleged victims are likely to end up whispering sadly, like the Monty Python fellow, that they're not really raped yet. It might be regrettable, if not downright wrong (whatever that might mean in the sexual domain), but the fact remains that, whenever a certain male and a certain female happen to be the only concerned individuals in the case, it's often hard to prove that rape has truly occurred. Rape is a terrible bolt of lightning that evokes a violent solitary criminal act. But most observers—even hoodwinked romantic puritanical Americans—find it easier and more plausible to believe that it takes two to tango.

As Confucious said: "Man with trousers down around ankles runs much more slowly than woman with skirt above thighs."

BREAKING NEWS: The lawyer of Tristane Banon—the young French woman who claimed that DSK assaulted her sexually a decade ago—has made it clear that his client will not be responding to Thompson's appeal. In modern French, there's a verb that might be translated as "to instrumentalize". Imagine a situation in which an individual X makes use of an individual Y as a kind of human object, or instrument, with the purpose of solving a problem that only concerns individual X. Often, the solution of this problem might not necessarily have any positive outcome whatsoever as far as individual Y is concerned. In this kind of situation, we might say that individual X is instrumentalizing individual Y. Well, it appears that Tristane Banon does not wish to be instrumentalized by Kenneth Thompson. Incidentally, the crime of blunt rape provides a textbook example of a notoriously ugly way in which a female can be totally instrumentalized by a male.

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