Thursday, November 1, 2012

God save us from this crazy believer!

Here we have Mitt Romney talking through his Mormon hat, saying crazy things in which he apparently believes:

To believe such rubbish, this guy must be an imbecile. This Mormon shit is just a step away from believing that the tooth fairy drops in on sleeping children. Putting Romney in charge of the USA would be an irresponsible and immoral act on the part of voters. It would be akin to allowing a dull child to drive a huge truck on a highway.

Am I asking too much in considering that world leaders, today and tomorrow, should have high moral principles (rather than a personal fortune) and that they should respect above all the various sciences (including economics) rather than fall back upon supernatural beliefs?


  1. America - where even crazy people can be President!

  2. Badger: This amusing but scary video presents a few of Bishop Mitt's supporters. To my mind, they're not particularly inspiring folk.