Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Old man with a medal on his chest

                                                — photo Didier Plowy

The young woman in blue—who seems to be smiling inwardly, as if her joy must be restrained at all costs—is Aurélie Filippetti, Minister of Culture and Communication in the present French government. As for the old guy with gray hair, who looks as if he acquired his clothes in a second-hand shop, that’s 72-year-old Robert Zimmerman, better known as Bob Dylan. This morning, he became a chevalier (knight) in the French Légion d'honneur, but I have the impression that he wasn't particularly overwhelmed by this honor.

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  1. Hello, William... glad to see you are still going strong! Not like the "old man with the medal on his chest." LOL! We are ALL getting gray, if we're not already. Can you believe it?

    I found a spam comment in my email today from your other blog, French Leaves, which jogged my memory to come back here and take a look. Glad to see you've still got so many interesting things posted. I never work on my blogs anymore; always messing around with friends on Facebook. Oh, the times they are a' changing...

    So glad to be reminded of my beloved France, and grateful to be able to read about it here. Gracias, amigo!

    Your friend, from a distance, Catherine Todd