Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ugly image

I’ve tweeted my disgust (a drop in the ocean) of this ugly depiction of the victims of an earthquake in the Philippines, which has just received a Picture of the Year award.

To obtain such an award, all you need (apart from a good camera and good lighting) is a bunch of miserable victims, with a long-haired muscly hulk in the foreground, and a mysterious assortment of primitive objects such as Christian crosses and statues. The cunning photographer is banking on the combined human tragedy of poverty, ignorance and naked disaster... with a carefully-chosen background and setting.

As I said in my tweet, this kind of superficial photo-journalism—totally fake and arty—makes me want to vomit. I despise the would-be talents of the arty arsehole who created this nauseating image.

1 comment:

  1. Reprimand: I couldn't find a reference for Photo of the Year, but did find a Photo of the Week in the Wall street Journal and I don't believe that's a "long-haired muscly hulk" in the foreground. She's a woman with breasts. If you read the caption, it's a religious procession amidst the turmoil (not that i support any religious hoo-ha). The photographer is reporting beautifully the resilience of people,