Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dangers of the didgeridoo

Our gloriously narcissistic Rolf Harris—an almost Australian of the year—has finally been caught out and condemned heavily for ancient sexual offences involving underage females. What this means is that a hugely popular Aussie guy such as our Rolf might have a right to tie his kangaroo down, but he mustn’t allow the beast to raise its ugly tail and go groping around in the undies of young girls.

Jeez, there are things I don’t understand. Rolf wasn’t even a serious musician/entertainer, let alone an ordained priest! In cases like this, I can’t help wondering whether the innocent young victims, before running up and sitting down naively in Rolf’s enticing lap, had been wisely and sufficiently instructed by their parents about the terrible and ever-present dangers of the didgeridoo. Click here to start learning.

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  1. Hiya! There was. and is, an accepted culture of dirty old men who thought/think their behaviour was/is a fun game they all share. They like to boast about their "scores". As an attractive young model in the 50's-60's I copped my share of their unwanted and repulsive gropings. But I learned quickly and didn't let them get me either physically or emotionally. I'm hoping this will give those wotzits pause for thought. I bet Rolf thought he was untouchable, National treasure, Queen's artist & all. Been doing it so long it probably didn't even register it was wrong. HA! No, nothing parents can say can prepare any young innocent went it comes to sitting on laps of the Evil Uncle. Like so much of life exp. you don't understand until it happens to you.