Monday, April 11, 2016

Serial taxi rider

In April 2014, Agnès Saal was nominated as president of the Institut national de l'audiovisuel (which was an emanation of the Service de la Recherche de l'ORTF where I worked in the early 1970s).

A year later, the lady was obliged to abandon her high-level appointment after having been accused of an unusual misdemeanour. She appeared to have spent an exceptionally large amount of public money on taxi trips. When I first heard about this affair, I simply couldn't imagine how a professional person in Paris could possibly spend so much money on taxis.

I still can't understand how she did so... particularly when I learn that she had a professional chauffeur-driven automobile. Her children may have made taxi trips in Paris, but that wouldn't seem to account for all the expenses. In their attempts to shed light upon this mystery, many journalists asked questions.

Finally, her huge taxi bills remain a mystery. I'm convinced that, one of these days, we'll come upon a clear logical explanation...

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