Friday, March 2, 2007

Blog post # 100 — Aussie political cartoonist

I hesitated a little about an appropriate theme for the hundredth post of my Antipodes blog, but I finally decided to dedicate it to a brilliant compatriot named Peter Nicholson. For ages, I've been a fan of his work. I've always felt—rightly or wrongly, since I don't know him personally—that I'm on the same wavelength as Peter, and that the only thing that separates us is his immense talent (which I envy greatly) as a graphic artist and political commentator. Peter Nicholson has authorized me to include the following image in my blog:

Click on the image to visit Peter Nicholson's website at
Isn't that a fabulous encounter between Bush and Howard? The only thing that troubles me is that Nicholson's depiction of John Howard is such a nice little garden gnome that I almost feel like picking him up and cuddling him. Or maybe hitting his helmeted head with a brick...

Seriously, there are talented cartoonists, like Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, whose static work is poorly transformed into animation. In the case of Peter Nichsolson, his wavery lines translate marvelously into the brilliant animations of the Rubbery team. Each sequence is a nicely-designed little story, and the voices of Howard and Bush are fantastic. This is truly international-class animation.

In any case, Peter, if ever you happened to get into a fight, count upon me to stand alongside you, Mate. The only thing that frustrates me is that you don't evolve your perspective to the world at large, which would enable you to be celebrated as a planetary cartoonist.

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