Friday, March 9, 2007


This morning, I admired the first Gamone daffodils. It's still winter. The flowers have jumped the starting blocks. Global warming? Maybe. In any case, my contemplation of the golden flowers plunged me into a region of timelessness.

Much has been said about the concept of celibacy (not mentioned in the Bible) within the priestly realms of the Church. Much has been said too about the monastic role of solitude and silence. Today, I'm convinced that these affairs should be reduced to the commonsense level of daffodils.

Let's be frank and honest. For a man who desires to come to grips with Creation, the presence of a wife and kids is a negative factor. You can't meditate about anything over breakfast! Now, don't get me wrong. I believe that family breakfasts are fine. But you can't contemplate the daffodils and converse with your children at the same time. I'm convinced that the great priestly principles of the Church have more to do with daffodils than dogma.

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