Monday, April 30, 2007

Exponential movement

Without wishing to transform my blog into a commercial affair (an unlikely predicament), I would be glad if readers of this post were to take a look at the real estate proposition in Pont-en-Royans that I've recently advertised. It's for a friend. [Click here to display this affair.]

Naturally, your readership would automatically kick up the Google rating, making the website more effective. Having said this, I advise interested would-be purchasers to phone me to obtain the hard facts. It's cheap, but the affair is also a little messy. To put it bluntly, the business was almost swept away, a few years ago, by a tremendous mountain storm. And almost everything in the restaurant needs to be redone, rebuilt, rethought... But it's an amazing site.

My blog statistics are augmenting exponentially, which is great.

It would be lovely, of course, if readers were to send in comments and maybe even reveal their identities... but that's asking for too much. So, thanks for looking in!


  1. Papa

    J'ai voulu poster un commentairte mais manifestement it didn't work.



  2. Hello.

    I have postzed this comment to offer my support. I too am an expatriate living in France - I am English. And yes, I have a blog ( and yes I frequenly beg my readers for comments!

    Good luck - the piece on Rostropovich was superb - I saw him conducting a super Shostakovich programme in London - most memorable.