Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tennistic Amazons

I'll bet you didn't even know, up until reading the title of this post, that a lovely adjective such as "tennistic" could exist. Well, it does. At least in French. And why not in English? No need to answer that question. I've just waved my magic racket, and I henceforth own the copyright of "tennistic" as an English word. If you disagree, I ask you to take me to your leader, particularly if she's a Serbian wonder woman such as Jelena Jankovic or Ana Ivanovic. My god, these ladies have balls! That's all I can say, safely... otherwise one of them might feel offended and strike me mortally with her racket. Seriously, they're fabulous women, who seem to step right out of a Modigliani painting. Over the years, I've often fantasized about how I might act if I happened to find myself naked and all alone in a bedroom with one of those female creatures (?) who used to be described as East German swimming stars. What I mean to say is, would I have the time and force to do anything whatsoever before she bit off my masculine attributes and spat them out on the non-slip walkway alongside the pool? In the case of an Amélie Mauresco, at least I know that she would never be particularly concerned about the state of a poor male such as me. Playing best on grassy courts, she reserves her smashes for other Amazons. But Jankovic/Ivanovic (whom I cannot and do not wish to distinguish) trouble me. They're both so beautiful, so physically female, so powerful.

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