Saturday, June 9, 2007

Things I don't wish to talk about

Towards the end of my recent post entitled Childhood myths [click here to display it], I said that I didn't wish to use my blog to publicize the moronic thinking of an Aussie expatriate named Ham in the USA who believes that Noah's Ark was a relatively recent reality, and that it carried dinosaurs. Likewise, after weeks of Internet boredom and fatigue due to constant descriptions of an empty-headed bird whose daddy owns big hotels everywhere (according to the latest news, she's now a jailbird), I've reached a state of extreme irritation in which I refuse to even mention the name of the fat-faced wig-wearing Aussie gangster whose story is nevertheless in today's headlines of The Australian. By the same token, I don't intend to comment upon his girlfriend who outsmarted French police, who were supposed to be tracking her, by leading them on a wild goose chase to Disneyland. [It's possible that the French police chief might not have assigned his most brilliant detectives to this international surveillance task.] I'm aware of the fact that no less a man than the prime minister of Australia, John Howard, has thought it fit and necessary to speak about the capture of this gangster, who in turn has thought it fit and necessary to speak about John Howard. As for me, I refuse to use my blog to speak about any of these individuals, not even the prime minister of Australia. In this whole mediocre arena of non-news, the only exception I'm prepared to make consists of guiding you to the latest Nicholson animation, excellent as usual, on the dumb jailbird. Just position your mouse on her stupid face and click as if you were giving her a slap.

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