Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Final role of woodshed

Before completing the demolition of my woodshed, to enlarge the area between the road and the house, I used the structure for a final task. One of the solid beams served as a support for the block-and-tackle and chains enabling me to hoist my Honda transporter [which refuses to start] onto my trailer, to take it to a repair shop.

Although the Honda transporter is very heavy, I was able to perform this task in an effortless manner. Here's the final result:

I took my neighbor Dédé along with me, for the drive to Romans. He likes mechanical things, and calling in at the shop of a dealer handling machinery of the Honda kind is more exciting for Dédé than visiting a museum. We also had time for a bit of tourism. That's to say, Dédé hadn't visited Valence for decades, so I took him to see the new station for the TGV [high-speed train]. He was amazed, and kept repeating: "The station's all glass and metal."

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