Friday, May 23, 2008

Official portrait

In Great Britain, where official portraits of royalty and other distinguished folk are a serious business, Cecil Beaton was one of the most celebrated photographers. Even here in the French Republic, the concept of official portraits exists, but solely for one individual: the president. Photos in this category have always amused me. Between an official portrait and an ordinary photo taken by a news photographer, there's the same difference as between the bright smiling face in my blog photo and me in the bathroom mirrror when I get up in the morning.

Now, the reason I've brought up this subject is that I'm happy to publish this photo, taken by Natacha last weekend, that corresponds ideally to what might be termed an official portrait of Sophia.

I have the impression that Sophia, reclining majestically upon her big wickerwork throne, is making an effort to look like a dignified dog. As if she'd just been elected president, or raised to the status of Royal Duchess of Gamone.


  1. I always thought that Sophia is much more worthy (? - 'digne' in French) than your president (I'm still not French).

    Now I have got the proof!

  2. I just said hallo to you in the Aussie Bloggers forum and then I saw the Sophia portrait. She does look very dignified indeed.

  3. The picture of the [i]President de la République [i/] (on the right) is screaming out for a speech bubble I think.

  4. Sorry: those HTML commands are a nightmare: please read "President de la République" as being in italics

  5. Speech bubble? Rather a screech bubble. My first suggestion:

    It looks like jelly.

    It tastes like jelly.

    But it ain't jelly.

    More inspired words might reflect the fact that Nicolas could have easily stabbed the lady's left tit by inadvertence (or sadism?) when he was awarding her a medal.

  6. "I feel a left tit standing here like this."

  7. I'm aware that I'm not necessarily a conscientious blogger as far as indicating the source of borrowed images is concerned. I generally say to myself that, if the rightful owner of an image were to complain, I would simply eliminate immediately the cause of the complaint [the image, not the rightful owner]... or maybe find myself involved in a giant legal battle that would render my blog notorious.

    I regret however that I haven't yet indicated the origin of that delightful photo of a hilarious Sarko with his right outstretched hand taking possession, in the name of the Republique française, of new and unexplored [?] territories. Maybe I should correct this omission.

    While we're talking about this image, I'm wondering who's the lady, and what exactly is she doing with her own left hand...