Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cult of Mac

Way back in 1984, I wrote a book about the Macintosh, when this machine was as little known as the Internet concept. But it would be wrong to brand me as an elitist Mac cultist. Some of my best friends still use PCs. But this post is not for them.

Dyed-in-the-wool Macnuts are ordinary-looking folk who feel frustrated around noon if they haven't yet heard something new and spectacular from or about our Favorite Computer Company. For us, there's now a website [display] that enables us to view old images of Steve and hear exiting words that made us salivate with Apple lust back in the days when we were losing, for eternity, our consumer innocence.


  1. I'm not a Mac addict, but I like their ads, especially this one: Vista Blues.

    I'm still working on XP and as I certainly won't buy Vista, or even Seven, I'm afraid I must switch to Linux...

  2. The video's really cool. They're two good actors, but the casting is somewhat unfair. The PC guy is made to come across all the time as a dumb loser. The howling dog adds a delightful note at the end.

    Yes, Linux is a powerful operating system, but I seem to recall that Red Hat has decided to stop providing support to single users. That's to say, Linux manufacturers see their product above all as a tool for big businesses and organizations. The basic problem with Linux [or Unix, which is available automatically on every Mac... although few users call it up] is that you have to remain alert when you're using it. It's a tremendously powerful system, but it never simply drifts into the background and remains there in a transparent fashion, allowing you to concentrate on your work. You have to be constantly aware that you're communicating with a Linux machine. A few years ago, when I owned a PC running under Red Hat, I had to dish out cash regularly to pay for new versions of their product, along with piles of books on how to master the system. But I never actually got around to doing many worthwhile things with that Linux machine, even though it functioned perfectly... and I finally gave it away to a friend.