Monday, July 28, 2008

New search engine

Today is the launch date for a new search engine named Cuil, pronounced cool, built by former Google employees.
[Click the image to access the tool.]

For people accustomed, like me, to using Google, Cuil is a little weird, primarily because it churns out astronomical quantities of links. In the case of an author of a book, for example, Guil indicates every imaginable website that mentions the book. My first impression is that this might be overkill. But it's preferable to play around with Cuil for a while, and give it time to eliminate any teething problems, before forming a judgment.

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  1. I tried this search engine yesterday and, as you say, compared to Google, it is quite weird. But I added it to my Firefox toolbar and will give it a go. The link "more" when you search for "Sarkozy" is quite funny.