Friday, July 4, 2008

Note for Nancy [private message]

Nancy: I receive all your emails from Australia, but I can't send you emails from France, because your computer won't accept them. I tried to do so a few days ago, but Big Pond wouldn't deliver it... or maybe couldn't, for technical reasons. So, this blog remains [as always] a convenient means of communication between us. You might look into the idea of using the comments facility. Your grandson could show you how this gadget works.


  1. I'm getting indications that Optus and Free are also trading punches, withy my emails returned, and I'm wondering if attempts to bypass the problem by using web-based mail (ie Gmail) have reached you.

  2. Ron: Please let me know if ever Free or Wanadoo were to fail to deliver an email sent from Australia. It's a good idea, as you suggest, to have a gmail address. Mine, incidentally, is

    For the last three years, I've often run into problems when trying to send emails to Australians with Big Pond accounts.

  3. Bill: As Gmail-to-Gmail reached you, it looks like it provides the way to avoid the Free postmaster's rejection of email direct from Optusnet/Bigpond servers (because of their having sent too much spam to Free users). I'll resend the original rejected messages via Gmail now.