Friday, September 19, 2008

Table finished

My bedside table in steel and walnut is finished... except for the final treatment of the wood. It cost me exactly a hundred euros. And I purchased a nice Ikea halogen lamp, maximally pivotable, that's exactly what I need for reading Richard Dawkins in bed. As you can see from the photo, the table had to be narrow, to fit in between my West Australian jarrah-wood bed and bookshelves.

I'm often disturbed when I jump into bed with single book. I say to myself: It would be so silly if I had to get out of bed, in an hour's time, and look around for another book, to continue my night-time reading. So, I prepare a heap of three or four books for the night. On such occasions, of course, I usually fall asleep ten minutes later. In any case, with my new bedside table, there's a lower shelf capable of housing enough potential reading for impossibly long nights.

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