Sunday, January 4, 2009

Memorable French quotes of 2008

The excellent French weekly L'Express has assembled a list of the best French quotes of 2008 [display]. Not all of them can be translated meaningfully into English, while other quotes were pronounced by individuals who remain unknown in the world outside France. Now, since France has been my marvelous homeland for the last 45 years, I dare to imagine myself capable of evaluating the pertinence of these quotes. [I hope I donned enough safety gloves in that last sentence.] Here are my seven selections and French/English translations:

That sums up, more or less, this annus horribilis of 2008. Non-Latinists might consider that we're talking of an arsehole year.

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  1. Re Andrew 23: he should try that comment on Christine Lagarde - I wouldn't like to be in the way if he did.

    Incidentally, have you hear Mme Lagarde speaking English? 99% of England's population (including nearly all BBC presenters)could only dream of speaking their language as well.