Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Internet is down

No, I'm not on vacation. My Internet connection went down a week ago, which has also meant that I've been without the telephone. In this kind of extreme situation (this is the first time I've been hit by such a problem), the Internet service provider leaves their customer to scream for a few days, just to make sure that he has made an effort to prove that his connection is well and truly down. This might mean, for example, borrowing a neighbor's hardware in an attempt to identify the problem. (At Choranche, I know of no such neighbors.) Then, when you've screamed for a few days (using, in my case, an antiquated public phone cabin, along with a little extra screaming kindly supplied by my daughter in Paris), the service provider finally agrees to ask a France Telecom technician to make an appointment to drop in. So, that's the stage I've reached as of this afternoon.

Meanwhile, I'm lucky to have both an iPhone and a MacBook. So, I'm tasting the joys of sending the present post from the local McDonald's in St-Marcellin.


  1. and I thought Italy's telecom was bad... sorry for the inconvenient you're going through..
    hope to have you back online soon :-D

  2. It's when something like that happens that one realises how dependent we are on the internet and our computers. And probably the worst of it is that we don't choose when it happens.

    Once we had a telecom problem that was juggled between a linesman and a technician for two visits each before it was finally resolved! Oh, the joys of specialisation, not. :(

    Hope you're back online shortly.

  3. Seems your ISP was trained in Australia under Telstra and/or Bigpond; or, is it the other way around?
    Anyhow, trust you are back on line soon Bill, as I have total empathy with your situation - so bloody difficult when one is used to relaying so much on modern technology and taking these things for granted.
    Long live McDonalds!!!

  4. I am pleased to see that you are back again. I was about to send you an email tonight to ask you if you are well.