Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sarko's son not in airship

A few days ago, there was consternation in Paris because of rumors that the president's son might be aloft, all on his own, in a giant airship named the Bling Blimp soaring over the continuation of the Champs Elysées to the west of the capital.

When the airship came back down to earth, everybody was immensely relieved to discover that the youth was not inside. Apparently he had been hiding all along in a luxury penthouse at an unknown address somewhere in Neuilly. In a TV declaration on Friday night, Filius rejected suggestions that this happening might have been a presidential reality show orchestrated by Pater. Doubts subsist however, fueled by the lad's fuzzy reply to a journalist's question about the hypothesis of a conspiracy involving the father and the son: "If your question is whether I talked with the president, the answer is no. If your question is whether I talked with my father, the answer is yes."

We've always imagined that the chief was unique, but he's visualized here as a duality. And, since the son is said to be a clone, that gives rise to a trinity. Clearly, this affair is getting out of hand. Maybe the whole thing was a religious hoax of a new kind, designed to replace alleged apparitions of the Virgin (which have gone out of fashion)...

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  1. I'm thrilled to witness yet another brilliant demonstration of the extraordinary intelligence of the Google Ads system. Alongside my tongue-in-cheekish spoof of the final phase of the affair involving France's young Prince Jean, Dauphin de la Défense, there's a Google ad for hot-air balloon flights over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley. Now, that's amazing, because my article doesn't even employ the word balloon, referring instead to an airship or a blimp. And how does Google know that my blog has an Aussie flavor? Bloody smart, if you ask me. I often have a lurking suspicion that Mr and Mrs Google (and maybe their kids) have always been my most constant and devoted in-depth blog readers.