Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Devil doing his job

This CNN conversation with the Vatican's exorcist is truly a masterpiece of surrealism, like a live interview of Saint John on the island of Patmos while he's busy writing the Apocalypse.

When the 85-year-old priest speaks of the devil, he's not using metaphorical language. No, for Father Gabriele Amorth, the devil is a real creature of a flesh-and-blood kind, a little like Osama bin Laden. That's to say, you don't necessarily run into him when you're walking down the main street, but you're totally convinced that he exists somewhere, at this moment, on the face of the planet Earth.

If I were unkind and fiercely anticlerical (which I probably am, in fact), I would say that this dear old fellow is a basket case. He suffers from some kind of mental affliction. And what can be said about the obsequious asshole who's interviewing the archaic loony?

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  1. Unfortunately the Catholic Church is stuffed to the gunwales with mad old fuckers like this bloke. Imagine being able to create and sustain a monstrously rich and completely corrupt organisation – with so much power and influence over hundreds of millions of lives - based entirely on an elaborate fairy tale – headed up by a gold plated ex-Nazi who specializes in killing South Americans and Africans by not permitting them to use condoms. This scam has been kept alive for thousands of years by a bunch of grotesque child molesters, child beaters and pedophiles who destroy lives and protect themselves no matter what the cost to their victims. Any decent and caring society would storm the Vatican and hang them all from lampposts in Rome.