Sunday, March 14, 2010

Voting in France

This afternoon, for the first time ever, I voted in a French election. The voting booth was located in the municipal hall of the village.

Apart from the man and woman in charge of the voting, I encountered two other citizens. But that's not surprising, because there are only a hundred or so residents in the commune of Choranche. In other words, from a percentage viewpoint, my vote is likely to have a non-trivial impact upon the political landscape of Choranche. In this photo, I'm actually casting my vote:

The seemingly disgusted expression on my face gives the impression that I've just picked up a smelly dog turd in a Kleenex, and I'm putting it in a trash can. In fact, that's simply the way I look when I'm serious.


  1. I like this! Only yesterday, did I have to do this, when I left my doggie-do bags in the car and he did it in three or four places on the Randwick footpath, just as a street person engaged me in coversation about my dog's pedigree.

  2. Hey, I hadn't intended that this post concerning my momentous first-ever vote as a French citizen should be a pretext for evoking dog shit in Randwick. But that's the way the cookie crumbles... as soon as it gets thrown into the blog fan. Funnily, my son phoned me, just after the publication of this post, to reveal laughingly that I have that expression most of the time, not merely when I'm removing dog shit from footpaths in France or Randwick or anywhere else in the universe.