Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cournouze weather report

All France has been damp and dismal for the last week. In my recent article entitled Wet world [display], I explained that the Cournouze mountain in Châtelus, seen on the other side of the Bourne from my house at Gamone, is a kind of barometer concerning the current and forthcoming weather situation. Well, here's what the magic mountain has been looking like this morning:

It's only at rare moments like this that I can distinguish the cute little pointed hill that lies just above the white blob of the church and municipal hall of Châtelus. At my home in Choranche, it's not yet the right moment to envisage eating lunch out on the lawn. Meanwhile, in my garden, with all the moisture that has dropped upon Gamone, the foliage is getting greener and more abundant, but the rose and peony bushes have gone on strike, refusing to blossom in such conditions. I wouldn't say they're exactly hot under the collar, merely fed up with the chilly wetness. I must try to calm them down and cheer them up, if I can, with a few warm words.

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