Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We're alright, Jack!

Once upon a time, up until quite recently, there was a semblance of mutual concern, at a political level, between elected Australians and their counterparts in our dear "mother country". Over the weekend, the Aussie media has been enthusing about the budget joy of Laborites down under:

And they've been saying sweet fuck all (well, what might they say?) about the woes of their theoretical brethren in Britain:

This, to my mind, is as it should be. So, I won't cry crocodile tears and complain. Let me just shed a tiny nostalgic tear about the foregone era when we Leftists "of British blood" (please note the presence of my inverted commas) both mattered, together.


  1. But dont you think it's good that we're finding our own way and establishing our own political identity? Even though Britain is an excellent example to follow...

  2. It's certainly time for Australia to establish a political identity on the international scene. I've always thought the first logical step would consist of transforming the nation into a republic. As for looking upon Britain as "an excellent example to follow", I don't agree. We followed Britain (or, more precisely, Blair) into the Iraq mess. The recent unearthing of perks pocketed by British politicians revealed another unhealthy aspect of the current UK style of representing the people. Their maintaining of royalty is pathetically archaic. Et cetera...