Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another cover design

Friends have pointed out various small but annoying problems of interpretation (which I hadn't suspected) with the cover projects I presented in my recent post entitled Cover for All the Earth is Mine [display]. Here's another simple idea, based upon a fragment of one of the wonderful paintings of the Holy Land by David Roberts, showing Jerusalem's Turkish minaret known as the Tower of David.

On the iPad, the novel will be displayed in double-page format. So, what you see here is the cover and the title page, side by side.


  1. William, my choice (totally subjective of course) is for the Original Model 1.
    I do not relate well to abstract art. I'm a believer in WYSIWYG.

  2. Some people didn't like the idea of an illustration in the middle with a white bar at the top for the title, and another white bar at the bottom for the author. The problem with the satellite photo is that there's nothing in the novel about space activities. I think I'll stick to the latest model, with the Jerusalem minaret landmark. With a bit of imagination, one can almost liken it to the bridge of a giant stone ship.

  3. Yes, Bill, I go along with your thinking on the latest cover. I'm not sure how it could be fitted in, but I wonder if a byline like "A Novel of (Word) (Word)" might be a useful addition.