Friday, July 2, 2010

Cover for All the Earth is Mine

I've transformed my novel All the Earth is Mine into the ePub format used on the iPad. For the moment, I'm awaiting the attribution of a French ISBN publisher number. Then I intend to publish my novel, in one way or another, as an electronic book. Now I need help, urgently, in the choice of a cover. Here are five models, but I'm incapable of deciding which one of them (if any) to choose. I would appreciate your reactions.


Model #1

My geopolitical fable envisages the transformation of the modern state of Israel into a floating island, and its voyages to all the four corners of the planet. So, my first idea for a cover was a relevant space photo.


Model #2

I decided to ask my Choranche neighbor Tineke Bot, the celebrated Dutch sculptress, to take a look at my cover challenge. To guide her in what I was seeking, I concocted the following montage à la Chagall:


Model #3

Tineke's first proposition is rather abstract:


Model #4

Her second proposition evokes the turmoil of this gigantic upheaval:


Model #5

Tineke's third proposition puts faces upon my heroes Jake and Rachel:

Please tell me what you think of these five models. Maybe further propositions would be welcome...


  1. My comments might not be so relevant for electronic book form, as I'm thinking from the viewpoint of what might grab me and make me pick up the book if seen when browsing displays in my local bookshop. My quick-response preference order: 1(simple, pertinent, immediately understood); 5(balanced graphic/layout,imparts idea of story); 4(less well-balanced graphic/less appealing figures); 3(again less well-balanced,lesser idea of story); 2(too busy).

  2. With my first comment, I hadn't thought to zoom in to bring the covers to the size that they would appear in the bookshop. Having now done that, I'm thinking a little differently, and your number 2 (with its striking colours, its better clarity when enlarged, and sense of story) might well move up the ladder to most-preferred. On the other hand, your number 1 slips in the enlarged impression. I'll wait a day for another look.