Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gore blimey!

Many observers of the English have evoked their eccentric nature. It would be silly to generalize, of course, but I've always had the impression that certain citizens of this sceptred isle can be amazingly tasteless at times, in spite of their fine manners and cultivated upbringing. Look at the Queen's hats, for example. The following English attempt at producing a clear and outspoken message on climate change is a fabulous calamity, on a par with the English invention of the meaty foodstuff called spam.

Maybe the creator of this video shocker is a descendant of the guy with a big axe who used to chop off heads for Henry VIII in the Tower of London. Maybe his great-grandfather was Jack the Ripper. In saying this, I must be careful, though. For all I know, this eccentric video artist might be a genetic cousin named Skyvington or Pickering...


  1. That video is truly disgusting. And it reminds me of a campaign for "Red Nose Day" in London in 1989. I recall it went something like "If you're not wearing a red nose on such and such a date you're going to look pretty silly" I raved about this compulsion and my then girlfriend got fairly cross about my lack of community spirit. I have always loathed "join-in" compulsion, so even if I were aged between 18 and 30 you would never find me at "Club Med"!

    Oh, and SPAM is in fact an American invention

  2. Thanks, Paul, for correcting me about the origins of spam. In my mind, I associate that product with a London excursion, long ago, when I was looking after a group of French tourists. I'll never forget their astonishment when a restaurant served them slabs of spam and vegetables for lunch. Then the celebrated Monty Python sketch reinforces the false impression that spam is surely British. In the same way, I would fall easily into the trap of imagining that canned "bully beef" was a purely Australian thing, because I've always heard that it was invented on a cattle property at Ramornie, not far from where I grew up.

    Concerning the amazing bloody video, my only conclusion is that the creator's mind must have been blown out by drugs or alcohol during the entire production process. It's worse than mere lack of aesthetic taste. It's a case of a creator being totally confused about what he should be trying to say, and how he might say it.

  3. Actyually I really like SPAM!

    Yes that video... I remember someone once pointing out to me that "Democracy is merely a system that allows 51% of the population to tyrannise the other 49%."

    And so if I for example, refuse to accept the majority view on climate change or "global warming" then I get "exploded", rather like refusing to accept the Koran and getting beheaded or stoned to death I suppose. It really isn't funny is it?

  4. And I suggest you have a look at the second article here concerning what has been called "Splattergate!