Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moving photos

The woman seen here, with her hair being ruffled by the breeze, is a New York fashion photographer named Jamie Beck:

Jamie and a graphic artist named Kevin Burg have enhanced the old-fashioned GIF format in order to make their photos move (a little). In the following photo, the model moves her eyes in a pleasantly realistic manner:

Here's a man seated on a bench, calmly browsing through a newspaper, surrounded by a busy but weird world in which everybody else has been frozen into immobility:

Jamie's photos can be seen on her elegant website, From Me to You [access].

TECHNICAL NOTE: To create this blog post, I first uploaded the three GIFs to a private webspace, then I transferred them from there into my blog.


  1. I never liked GIF images, but this "new version" is great!

    The newspaper reader is wonderful - one could write a long article with possible interpretations of this picture.

  2. Please explain the trans process step by step. Thank you

  3. Unfortunately, I can't help you at a technical level. I'm not sure what you mean by "trans process". In any case, I'm afraid I don't know exactly how these marvelous GIF images were created, although I would imagine that it wasn't particularly difficult, once you have a nice sequence of slightly-moving images. To create similar stuff, the starting point would consist, of course, of acquiring a graphics tool that handles the GIF format. Once upon a time, my everyday tool Macromedia Fireworks did this perfectly on the Macintosh, but I've abandoned it since Adobe took it over. Please let me know if you manage to master this creation process.