Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dog loves books

I like to be surrounded by all kinds of books, so that I can pick them up at random whenever I feel like reading something different. And I've always found that one of the most convenient places to store the books that surround me is on the bedroom floor. Well, my dog Fitzroy seems to share my tastes at this level.

Sophia's joints have become a little too old for climbing up the stairs to my bedroom, but Fitzroy seems to like this place, and he dashes up here whenever the doors are open. He's capable of taking a nap there in the middle of my books, without ever bumping into any of them. But, after a while, he feels that it's time for action. So, he'll suddenly jump up onto my knees, occupying all the available space between me and my computer. When this happens, my only solution is to lead him downstairs, where he's happy to romp around with Sophia on the lawn in front of the house. Then I close the doors, and get back up to my computer.


  1. He just likes being near you and having you to himself.

  2. Exactly, Annie. I'm constantly amazed by the extent to which Fitzroy has a frenetic desire for bodily contacts (including eye-to-eye contacts) with both me and Sophia, not to mention anybody who drops by here. Happily, this personality doesn't pose any great problems, because Fitzroy never gets upset when he finds himself getting put out of a room, or put out of the house (as has happened every single evening for almost a year now). These days, most of my bodily contacts with Fitzroy consist of picking prickly seeds out of his fur. I imagined that he wouldn't like to find me tugging at his fur. On the contrary, he seems to appreciate these grooming operations.