Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New blog-display formats

In the latest version of my BLOG VIEWS menu (in the right-hand column, just below the biographical block with my photo), you can now choose between 7 possibilities.

The classic and magazine formats are new.

BREAKING NEWS: When you choose the classic format, you'll find that there's room on the page for a wide ad, of a size that you don't usually encounter in my blog. Worse still, at present, this ad space seems to be occupied (at times) by the following publicity:

I've just submitted a complaint to the Blogger forum stating that I don't approve of the presence of this ad in the middle of my blog. Meanwhile, I advise my readers who use Macs to be very wary of this MacKeeper product. What does it mean to "clean" a Mac? What exactly is a "dirty" Mac? I've just heard of a case (my ex-wife's Mac) in which the above-mentioned product seems to remove stuff that's not really "dirt" at all. On the contrary, the shit can start as soon as this stuff has been grossly removed from your Mac.

FINAL DECISION: I've finally decided to request the complete removal of ads from my blog.

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