Friday, November 4, 2011

Effaced from Facebook

I've just submitted a request to be effaced permanently from Facebook, and I'm apparently scheduled for deletion within a fortnight. I've always detested the Facebook system... for gut reasons that I would be incapable of analyzing. I only joined Facebook for superficial reasons, because friends invited me to do so.

Today, of course, people who wish to contact me can do so by looking up my name through Google and then visiting my Antipodes blog.

Concerning my dislike of Facebook, the straw that broke the camel's back was the situation surrounding the recent Islamist bombing of the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

[Click to access French-language explanations from Charlie Hebdo]

In the wake of the terrorist attack against this splendid French journalistic institution, Charlie Hebdo has evoked "the feeble moral solidity" of Facebook. The Facebook pages of Charlie Hebdo were indeed submerged in Islamic shit, including death threats. It seems that Facebook authorities reacted by reprimanding Charlie Hebdo in a red-tape fashion. And all that remains is a mess.


  1. What is the procedure to get effaced forever from Facebook?
    I cancelled my account last June (fake identity) and I still receive messages from my "friends". It goes without saying that I'm quite upset to see all these emails, since I'm supposed not to exist any more...

    On the other hand, I opened an account on Google+, but I had no time yet to have a closer look to it, did you?

  2. On 4 November, Facebook replied as follows to my request: "We have received a request to permanently delete your account. Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted within 14 days." For the moment, it's too early to say whether the deletion is effective. I haven't bothered yet to participate actively in Google+. The truth of the matter, I think, is that social networking of the Facebook or Google+ kind is not something that turns me on.