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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Individuals whose stupidity has made me suffer enormously

The worst of all are Geneviève Moreau, mayor of Choranche, and Laurent Drouot, deputy-mayor : a truly diabolical pair. Their crime has consisted of trying to persuade their electors that they know something about computing and the Internet, whereas their ignorance is vast. And their attitude towards me has been insulting ever since our first encounter. This madness has been going on for years. Drouot (a professional fireman at Romans) even sent me an email, on February 13, in which he said I was mentally unsound !

I have told Moreau and Drouot on countless occasions that they should simply disappear from our lovely village. But the idiots are still there in the mairie of Choranche. They're a permanent calamity. What can be done?

Idiots of this kind do not need the kind of rapid Internet service that Emmanuel Macron would like to install as soon as possible, everythere throughout France. Unless they receive serious training in the technical aspects of using real computers (such as the iMac) rather than phone gadgets, they wouldn’t know what to do with a good Internet service. Unless this training enabled them to understand that web sites have to be built, rather than just picked up magically by manipulating services such as the Israeli WordPress tool, there would be no point in offering them rapid Internet. What we really need is some kind of structural change that would make it impossible for tiny villages in places such as Choranche and Châtelus to elect nasty idiots such as Moreau, Drouot and Antoine Molina. It’s France herself, rather than the Internet (which works wonderfully well for me), that needs to be changed drastically.

Last but not least : Alarming problems have always existed between me and my neighbors Ageron/Riboulet at Gamone...

Friday, February 17, 2017

Mon site sur Choranche

Je viens de démarrer la refonte — de fond en comble — de mon site

Ces opérations vont prendre un certain temps, peut-être un mois. Pendant cette période, mon site sera dans un état de confusion. Rien à faire. C'est le prix que l'on paie pour obtenir une nouvelle version.

Pourquoi ces modifications ? Jusqu'ici j'avais toujours imaginé que mon site pourrait même devenir le site officiel de la commune de Choranche. Hélas, ce ne sera pas le cas. Autrement dit, le futur site sera purement personnel, et signé uniquement par William Skyvington (citoyen de Choranche). On y trouvera évidemment tous les éléments historiques qui existent déjà dans l'ancien site. Mais le nouveau site ne contiendra pas de renseignements pratiques sur la commune moderne. Je ne sais pas encore tout ce que vous allez découvrir dans mon nouveau site. Mais je sais bien, en revanche, ce que vous n'y trouverez pas !