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Saturday, March 31, 2007

White rock, gray creature

Back in Australia, I never really knew what altitudes were all about, because we all lived more or less at sea level. And I didn't learn much about this concept as long as I stayed in Paris. The weather people often tell us that there'll be snow above such and such an altitude. Here's a picture of the Cournouze (from my bathroom window) that demonstrates what they mean:

An hour ago, now that I'm subscribed to the Free ISP [Internet service provider], I was able to phone my 91-year-old uncle Isaac Kennedy Walker in Coffs Harbour on the northern coast of New South Wales, and talk with him at length. Last year, before traveling out to Australia for a month, I asked the barber-woman at St-Jean-de-Royans to shave off all my hair, otherwise my wispy straggles float around in the breeze. My uncle was alarmed to see me bald. I don't know whether the following photo of an aging gray creature at Gamone is likely to reassure him:

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cheese and wine portrait

Whenever Natacha finds me eating cheese and drinking wine, she has an urge to take a posed photo. Unusual behavior, no? The cheese and wine must send out photographic waves, or something like that.