Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fascinating links

I collaborated for a while with Jean Ichbiah [1940-2007], inventor of the Ada programming language, whose name refers to Ada Lovelace [1815-1852], daughter of the poet Lord Byron. That lady worked alongside Charles Babbage [1791-1871], inventor of so-called engines that were precursors of modern computing machines. Much later, in the context of the affair of French submarines ordered by Australia, I happened to meet up by e-mail with Ross Babbage who informed me kindly, when I asked him, that he was indeed a descendant of Charles. Here are portraits of individuals I’ve just mentioned:

Jean Ichbiah

Ada Lovelace

Charles Babbage

Ross Babbage

I wonder at times if a mysterious Force (?) might have led me, as it were, to all those individuals. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not referring to heavenly guides such as Abraham and Jesus. I was merely imagining possible manipulations carried out by my own humble brain… which has always got a kick out of mentioning unexpected associations (as I’m doing at this very moment).

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