Saturday, June 30, 2007

All-purpose hi-tech gadget

Seriously, the initial iPhone feedback from US technical journalists [which I won't attempt to summarize here, since it's all on the Google news] is not bad at all.

Furthermore, I have the impression that we Europeans might be in on a good thing, as the saying goes. During the forthcoming months, US users of the iPhone will be faced with inevitable teething problems. Hopefully, Apple engineers will clean up these problems, as they become known, and the iPhone model that will be offered to us Europeans towards the end of the year will be faultless! Normally, the future European iPhone should be more rapid than the initial US version. There are even rumors that we might have a GPS dimension.

I'm disappointed to learn that the iPhone doesn't run Flash stuff, because most of my web work over the last few years has been based upon this approach. So, you won't be seeing my websites on your iPhones. Happily, though, the iPhone doesn't aim to replace the time-honored phenomenon of ordinary computers connected to the Internet, no more than the iPod has replaced music blaring out on a hifi system in the living room...


  1. eheh, you, too, crazy for the iPhone??

  2. Not really. I've often pointed out that my basic problem (?) is that I hardly ever phone anybody, and hardly anybody ever phones me. Consequently, I could get along perfectly well without any phone contacts whatsoever with the outside world. On the other hand, I'm addicted to the Internet as it appears on a large-screen desktop computer incorporating a keyboard with real keys, like an old-fashioned typewriter. It's true, though, that I'll be queuing up in the street, waiting to purchase an iPhone, as soon as they're available in Europe.

    I drop in continually on your blog. Last night, a fabulous TV program on Venice recalled another dimension of your legendary land.

  3. Be careful the day you buy your iPhone - don't do the same as this bloke...

  4. Sorry, I mad a mistake in the link: