Thursday, June 28, 2007

Countdown iPhone minus one

Unless you're living like a Neanderthal in a limestone cave at the foot of the cliffs in a remote place such as Choranche, you're aware of two front-page media items: first, Paris Hilton is out of jail (for the moment), and second, Apple's iPhone is coming (at least to US customers) tomorrow, Friday. The excitement generated by these two events means that poor old Gordon Brown has chosen a difficult week (in reality, the poor bugger didn't choose anything; the choosing was done for him by friends) to hit the headlines with stories about his ascension to the top job in the UK. Fortunately, neither the Kiwis nor the Swiss can win the five required America's Cup match races until a forthcoming day in the AiP (after the iPhone) era: at some time between AiP 2 (next Sunday) and AiP 5 (next Wednesday). So, there's no danger of that victory interfering with AiP 0 (tomorrow). There's also little likelihood that George W Bush will be choosing one of the early AiP days to announce a withdrawal of troops from Iraq, because he wouldn't want to be forced to share his limelight with Steve Jobs. So, apart from the coming-out of the iPhone, I think we can safely say that nothing important is likely to happen in the universe in the next few days. On the other hand, we are indeed likely to see TV footage of the glamorous ex-jailbird using her new iPhone to talk to her boyfriend about the respective hardships and joys of life as an inmate. Meanwhile, I strongly recommend Apple's excellent guided tour of the functionality of the future beast, which you can see by clicking on the following banner:


  1. So, apart from the coming-out of the iPhone, I think we can safely say that nothing important is likely to happen in the universe in the next few days.

    When I read your article yesterday, I thought you were right. But it seems that - in France - more important news had to be discussed:
    Devedjian's "salope".

    I'm afraid, I didn't see the joke - as far as I know, it is not the first time a politician insults another one...

  2. Envers Patrick Devedjian, j'ai depuis longtemps un sentiment de pitié. Sans tomber moi-même dans un piège qui consisterait à affubler cet individu médiocre d'adjectifs encore moins sympathiques, je dirais tout simplement qu'il n'a pas, cliniquement, le regard net. Il s'agit vraisemblablement chez lui d'un problème d'ordre ophtalmologique. Je me sens mal à l'aise quand je l'observe en train de s'exprimer devant une caméra, comme si je me trouvais en face de quelqu'un qui bégaie péniblement. Il fronce les sourcils comme si les projecteurs lui faisaient mal. Il tente de maîtriser une sorte de rictus cherchant à se transformer constamment en sourire méprisant. Je me sens voyeur. Je me dis qu'il doit être sûrement un homme plus clair, plus sympathique, quand il se retrouve seul avec ses amis, loin des caméras. Il me donne toutefois l'impression d'être quelqu'un qui s'exprimerait naturellement en termes vulgaires. Je suis persuadé que, dans l'univers privé de Devedjian, il y a depuis toujours une foule de conards et de conasses. Cet homme est comme ça. C'est un petit politicien, pas un homme d'état potentiel. De Gaulle et Devedjian, ça fait deux.