Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rugby craze

In France, even cats are following the Rugby World Cup on TV.

This young rugby fan, named Lulu, is a new member of the household of my Mediterranean friends Natacha and Alain. They noticed that the cat seemed to be watching TV out of the corner of its eye, as it were. When they installed Lulu's scratching pedestal in front of the TV set, Natacha told me they were astonished to discover that the cat apparently follows the movements of the rugby action on the screen, for long periods of time. What I don't know yet is whether Lulu is betting on the Blacks or the Wallabies... or maybe even France.


  1. When I still had a TV, I used to watch tennis. My cats, better say kittens, enjoyed watching the matches, especially when the ball went out of the screen - they went behind the TV and were looking desperately for the ball. Once grown up, they lost interest in watching TV...

  2. Talking about images on the other side of the looking-glass, I like your "Modigliani" avatar.