Thursday, June 19, 2008

Road safety fashion

Soon, in France, our automobiles will have to carry, in the trunk, a red plastic triangle and a fluorescent vest.

This promotional photo featuring the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is very French. The text says: "It's yellow. It's ugly. It doesn't go with anything. But it can save your life." I approve of this mild kind of second-degree humor. I believe that most French viewers will get the message, and retain it... which is all that matters.


  1. that's been introduced in Italy a couple of years ago, but still there are many people that die after going out of their car especially after minor crashes and are hit by trucks...

  2. Great ad - from an artistic point of view! Thanks.

  3. How is it possible to write such rubbish?

    And why did I spent 5 minutes to read it?

    In fact, the comments are much better than the article!