Monday, February 2, 2009

French Eurovision contestant

On May 16, Patricia Kaas will be representing France at the Eurovision song contest in Moscow. Behind this surprising announcement, I detect an intervention by Nicolas Sarkozy. "Listen guys, France can't carry on like it's been doing for years now, proposing shit at Eurovision. We gotta pick ourselves up. Understand my point of view, guys. My wife's a popular singer, and it's so embarrassing for both of us to listen to the crap that our great nation has been offering at Eurovision in recent years. In international circles, whenever people start talking about Eurovision, I get the impression that everybody's laughing behind my back. We simply gotta do something. That's a presidential order!" Now, I don't claim that the president actually spoke those exact words... but I bet he thinks like that, and I'm convinced he got the message across that it's time for France to pull her finger out, as they say in the classics.

Click the photo to access the Kabaret website of Patricia Kaas.

Wow, Patricia Kaas! What a fabulous Eurovision contestant! A real heavyweight... If she doesn't win us the grand prize, I promise to eat the fan poster of Patricia (naked, of course) that's hanging on the wall above my bed. For that matter, I would be prepared to eat almost anything associated with Miss Kass.

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