Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Funny catwalk, amused cats

One of the funniest aspect of this video is the way in which two males can split their sides laughing at the problems encountered by a female wearing high heels.

Would women get an equally good laugh out of watching a guy trip over the long pointed toes of his Santiago boots?


  1. William - you have been busy since I have been away. Are you snowed in or just feeling creative?

  2. For the moment, I'm both snowed in and "rocked in" (unable to escape easily from Choranche because of fallen rocks). As for being in a creative state (this could well be the case), the Antipodes blog has the merit—like most Internet entities—of being visible, whereas I believe that much of my more creative work over the last few months still remains invisible. For example, you might be amused to hear me say that I've been spending a lot of time (virtually) over the last few months in Saint-Petersburg. In Copenhagen, too, and the Danish countryside. And Paris, above all. But I've been doing so, of course, without ever leaving my house in Choranche. I'm referring to my French-language movie script based upon a German-language novel by Rilke, whose English title is The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge. Let's say that it's this movie script that has kept me most busy (along with preparing my new rose and peony garden) over the last six months.