Friday, January 15, 2010

Like God, the G-spot doesn't exist

My son François found that this cover of the excellent French weekly Charlie Hebdo, with a drawing by Charb, brings to mind my article entitled Fashion lexicon [display]:

[Click the drawing to visit the French website of Charlie Hebdo.]


  1. Coincidentally, the day I read your "fashion lexicon" I was looking at this:

    I examined the photo of the Australian Beaufortians very carefully, but I do not recognize them.
    Whenever I tell someone I am living in Ararat - we've only been here 2 years - they always seem to know someone from Beaufort.
    A blogger I speak to in Pasadena, Ca - her neighbour is an astro-neuro physicist (or something like that!) from Beaufort.
    My uncle who works in far north qld, car pools with a woman from Beaufort. My other uncle who was a shearer in outback nsw, became friends with a gun shearer from Beaufort.
    I picked up a vintage caravan from an older couple in Mildura late last year - sure enough, they were asking if I knew such and such from Beaufort.
    It's very strange - they only have a population of 2000!!

    I really enjoyed the link to the little dog and the automatic ball-throwing machine.
    I need an automatic tug-of-war machine for my dogs.

  2. The authorities in charge of Beaufort, Victoria, should be informed that their township might be located within some kind of mysterious geomagnetic field that snakes around the planet Earth. People who've been immersed in this field for a certain time end up being impregnated by it, and this geomagnetic contamination spills out onto individuals they encounter during their subsequent travels. Citizens of Beaufort are accompanied permanently by a bluish aura and a halo. They speak with an unforgettable accent, and there's a haunting gleam in their eyes. Once an outsider meets up with a Beaufortian, the memory of that enchanting encounter remains inscribed indelibly in the eye of the beholder. It's a weird phenomenon, which scientists and university researchers are striving to understand. Meanwhile, an enterprising hotel-owner in Beaufort should be able to cash in on this curious affair by offering week-long "total immersion" stays in the township. Insecure folk who imagine that their charisma is lacking would only have to stay in Beaufort for a while, soaking up the powers of its geomagnetic field force, and they would leave the township as changed individuals. In foreign cities, people in the street would stop and turn to admire the beautiful Beaufortian when he/she walks by. Total strangers would come up to talk with Beaufortians, to photograph them, indeed to touch them... Everybody knows that Beaufort means "beautiful fortress". Visitors to Beaufort, Victoria, would be able to purchase little magical talismans made out of local stone, representing this legendary fortress, which they would then wear around their neck, to strengthen the effect of the mysterious powers emanating from the township. Etc, etc, etc...